5 Seconds of Summer Amnesia Cover: Green Day’s “American Idiot”

Australian teen sensations 5 SOS are new sensation star of pop punk with their latest release “American idiot” which is the single of 5 Seconds of Summer Amnesia Cover.

5 Seconds of Summer Amnesia Cover

5 Seconds of Summer Amnesia Cover

In this album this cover song is the most energetic, encouraging and vibrating song. Which is written by Ashton Irwin, Luke Hemmings, Michael Clifford Dan and the co-producer of this song is Sinclair, Robson, and Eric Valentine.

This video was publicized on the VEVO which is official YouTube channel of the band. This fantastic video was shot in Los Angeles. This song is publicized in 7 August, 2014, at midnight, after live show of their album “Amnesia”. The video, is focuses on thought of youth, in white and black background color. During the video the heart touching lyrics are projected on the members’ faces.

This videos have all the sense in the world that the guys would opt to cover Green Day’s “American Idiot” for a Kerrang! The cover is fairly faithful, but it does have 5 Seconds of Summer Amnesia Cover flair most of the boys get to try out a Billie Joe Armstrong verse.

Released History:      

This song is released for viewers in VEVO, YouTube, which is an official music site, at 7 August 2014. And within few days this pop song is getting top rank in the list of charters and gets a huge viewers who watch, like and shares this video. Even in the UK chartbuster this song placed top rank over the genre of rock song.

Genre of song:

This song is a provoking Pop rock song which is mixed with loud and rock bits.

Length of song:

This is 4:27 length song but in 4:27 min you can imagine the time which you have faced in your green days.


The writer of this song are members of 5SOS band. Michael Biancaniello, Joel Madden, Benji Madden, Louis Biancaniello, and Watters.


Louis Biancaniello, Michael Biancaniello are the producer of this song.

5 Seconds of Summer Amnesia

5 Seconds of Summer Amnesia

An Australian band covered an American band for a British magazine. This is like the United Nations of rock or pop-punk. Before they were waking up with amnesia and staring at you in their American Apparel underwear, the boys of 5 Seconds of Summer Amnesia cover were recorded and ready to publish on YouTube. From Chris Brown to Blink-182 and Jason Derulo and A Day to Remember, these guys proved they had the hacks long before reaching international fame.

They’re super young. Younger than 1D and Justin Bieber. Frontman Luke Hemmings is 18, bassist Calum Hood is 18 guitarist Michael Clifford is 18 and drummer Ashton Irwin is 20.

Commercial performance:

In the United States, the single 5 Seconds of Summer Amnesia Cover debuted at number 1 on the Billboard 200, with 259,000 copies in first-week sales. 5 SOS achieves the biggest first-week sales for a debut album by a group since Daughtry’s self-titled album in 2006. 5 Seconds of summer is also the first Australian act to achieve a number 1 album with their debut album.